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More Inline Skating

I’ve been enjoying my recent rebirth as a roller skater. I’ve been on my skates every day for the last 4 days. On Friday morning I skated for a few miles on the Iron Horse Trail in San Ramon. On Saturday and Sunday mornings I skated at the Aloha Skating Rink in San Jose. This morning I skated 3.3 miles on the trail loop at Bernal Community Park in Pleasanton.

In my previous skating session at Bernal Community Park I used a hand-held mount for my GoPro camera to capture video of the trail. That video didn’t turn out very well. This morning I ditched the hand-held mount and tried a helmet mount for my GoPro camera.

This is my skating helmet. You can see my GoPro camera mounted on the helmet.

The video that I captured today with the helmet mount was alright, but it wasn’t as good as I’d hope for. It was certainly better than the results of my hand-held mount several days ago, but I decided against publishing it. I had the camera aimed a little too low.

I plan to skate at Bernal Community Park again tomorrow morning and I’ll try the helmet mount again, and I’ll adjust the aim of the camera. I hope I learned a lesson from today’s poor footage so I can achieve better results tomorrow.

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