My New Bicycle

I’ve been retired almost a year now and I need to become more active. I can get bored easily when I’m just walking around. When I was younger I loved to ride bicycles, so I thought I’d start riding again. Since I’m an old fart now and I haven’t been on a bike for 18 years, I had to do a bit of research to find the right bike for me. I found the right bike online and I bought it two weeks ago. It was shipped to my local bike shop for assembly and delivery to me. It was delivered to me today. I rode my new bike for 2 miles today to break it in, and I loved it.

My bike was made by Day6 bikes and it is a Samson electric bike. The bike is perfect for a senior citizen like me that just wants to ride casually for an hour or two each day. It has an electric motor, which runs on rechargeable batteries, to assist me if I have a tough time getting up a hill or difficulty making progress when fighting a strong headwind. The frame is ‘senior friendly’ as you do not have to kick your leg high to hop on the bike. Also, it is easy on your back because you do not need to lean forward when riding.

I hope there is a break in the rain storms tomorrow so I can take another ride.