My New Car

For several months I’d been thinking about getting a new car. My 2007 Ford Focus has served me well and I like the car very much, but it wasn’t aging well and I’ve envied the new features that are available on newer models.

My brand new 2014 Ford Focus Titanium.

A couple of years ago, my automatic transmission was slipping when trying to shift from second gear to third gear. Fortunately, at that time, my warranty covered the transmission repairs. Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, the transmission troubles recurred and were much more severe. This time, as I was driving home on crowded Bay Area freeways, the transmission would not shift beyond second gear. Stuck in second gear, the fastest I could go was about 40 miles per hour and that was risky. I stayed in the right lane and limped along from Richmond to San Leandro, hoping that I wouldn’t lose the ability to use second gear.

I exited the freeway in San Leandro and headed directly to the Ford dealer. Since my warranty had expired and the transmission repairs would be out-of-pocket and expensive, and I had been thinking about a new car anyway, I didn’t bother with transmission repairs on my 2007 Ford Focus. Instead, I traded it in as-is and bought a brand new 2014 Focus.

I didn’t want to spend two thousand dollars to repair the transmission on an old car that I was planning to replace soon. I arrived at the Ford dealer in my old car at 7 PM and at 10 PM I pulled into my driveway in my new car. I’m sure the Ford salesman was happy to deal with me because yesterday was the last day of the month, so he added an unexpected last-minute sale to his July statistics.

I’m happy with my new car. It lets me go into third gear.