This morning we made the short drive from Independence, Missouri to Kansas City, Missouri to visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

For over 60 years, from the 1880s until 1947, black baseball players were not permitted to play in the major leagues. This shameful policy was the result of an unwritten “gentleman’s agreement” among the owners of major league baseball. The team owners, who were all white males, agreed that no team would offer contracts to black players. As a result of this bigotry, many of the best ballplayers to ever play the game were denied the opportunity to play major league baseball.

For several generations, black players who were barred from the major leagues played their ball in the “Negro Leagues”. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri tells the story of the players, teams, and innovations of the Negro Leagues.

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is a must-see for any baseball fan. Unfortunately, photography is not permitted inside the museum.