New Year’s Eve

Yesterday, I spent New Year’s Eve morning visiting my sister Fay and her family at her home in San Francisco. My father and my niece Shannon came along with me. My brother Mark, who is Shannon’s father, planned to come with us but he came down with a bad cold, so he didn’t make the trip.

My father and my nieces Natalie and Shannon pose for a photo at my sister’s home.

We spent 3 hours at my sister’s house relaxing, talking, eating bagels, and watching a dull NFL game before driving home in the early afternoon. Of course, we also spent some time complaining about President Trump.

My sister is convinced that Trump and Pence are already “done”, based on Mueller’s investigation, and that an American Revolution is coming. I’m not a fan of our current administration and I agree that Trump is a ineffective childish boor, but I’ve seen no indications of a revolution brewing – unless a handful of all-caps rants on Facebook or Twitter qualify as revolutionary.

I believe that Trump and Pence are going nowhere before their term expires, unless impeached, and impeachment in the current political climate is extremely unlikely – unless Mueller’s ongoing investigation reveals something that’s much, much worse than anything that’s been reported so far.

Assuming that there’s no revolution in the works and that impeachment is the only means available to oust Trump before his term ends, I’d prefer to see Trump finish his term because the last thing I want to see is President Pence. When your political opponents are in control, wouldn’t you rather have a lazy apathetic sloth (Trump) at the helm instead of a highly motivated and experienced politician (Pence)? Pence is much more capable of pushing the conservative agenda forward than Trump. Trump is awful, but if ousting Trump prematurely leaves us with Pence in power then I’d rather keep Trump. Trump is the lesser of the two evils, by far.