Norman’s Grill

My father has lived with me since January, 2009. He is 86 years old now and he recently stopped driving, permanently. Aside from an occasional brief walk on our neighborhood’s streets, the only time that my father gets out of my house is when my brother Mark or I drive him somewhere.

My father and I go out for breakfast twice each week. On Tuesdays, when he doesn’t have any medical appointments, we go to my favorite breakfast place. That’s Val’s Burgers in Hayward. On Fridays we go to his favorite place for breakfast, Norman’s Grill in Castro Valley. When we go to Val’s, I pay the bill. When we go to Norman’s, Dad pays the bill.

My father at his favorite breakfast restaurant, Norman’s Grill.

When we leave Norman’s Grill on Friday mornings, I drop my father off at Castro Village Bowl where he participates in a bowling tournament each Friday at 1 PM. I return to the bowling alley shortly after 3 PM to pick him up and bring him home.

My father enjoys bowling in the weekly Friday afternoon tournaments. While he bowls, I enjoy the rare treat of spending a few hours by myself in my home.