Before leaving South Bend, Indiana this morning, we felt obligated to have a quick look at the University of Notre Dame. We wanted to snap a few photos of Notre Dame’s famous football stadium and golden dome before heading back to Illinois.

After finishing a lap around the outside of Notre Dame Stadium, we looked for an opportunity to get inside the stadium. All of the gates were closed and there was a lot of maintenance work underway inside. We noticed one of the construction supervisors at one of the gates, and we approached him and asked politely if we could come inside for a few very quick photos. He let us in. We were careful to work our cameras quickly and avoid lingering too long inside the stadium, because we were not supposed to be there.

We were in and out of the stadium in less than 10 minutes. We thanked the construction supervisor that allowed us inside, and then we walked back to our car to began our drive to Illinois.