Pickleball Practice

I’m a newcomer to pickleball, which is the fastest growing sport in America. I’ve played pickleball on 3 different occasions at a local gym. As a pure beginner, I was every bit as terrible as one might expect. That hasn’t discouraged me. Anything that’s worthwhile takes some time and effort. To improve, I intend to spend more time practicing and doing drills and less time playing.

This morning I spent an hour hitting pickleballs against the tennis court wall at Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley. There were several large puddles on the tennis courts from this morning’s rain and there was a chilly wind in the air, so I was not surprised to find that I had the entire facility to myself. Fortunately, there were no puddles near the tennis court wall. Here is a one minute video of me vs. the wall…

Practicing pickleball drills against a wall may seem boring, but I actually enjoy it. That probably means that I’m boring. I’ve always enjoyed practicing sports. In my youth, my little league baseball teams were always loaded with guys that hated practicing and drilling. I never understood those guys.

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