After working this morning from 6AM to 9AM, I made the short drive to Bernal Community Park in Pleasanton to do some inline roller skating. Bernal Community Park is located near the Alameda County Fairgrounds and the park has a 1.1 mile trail loop that is ideal for skating. The trail’s asphalt is in excellent condition, the terrain features very gentle elevation changes, visibility is great, and most of the dog walkers that use the trail obey local laws and leash their dogs. That makes Bernal Community Park one of my favorite places to skate.

Today I skated 10 complete laps on the trail loop for a total of 11 miles. The weather was cool and dry, the skies were gray, and there was almost no wind. I used my 360 camera and a selfie stick to record my skating on video, and I’m sharing a 2.5 minute clip here: