Bay Trail

Today, for the fourth consecutive Sunday morning, I had a long bike ride. I suppose I should qualify that by saying that it was long for me.

At 8 AM my brother and I loaded our bikes on to my car’s rack and drove to the San Leandro Marina. We parked at Marina Park, unloaded our bikes, and pedaled south on the San Francisco Bay Trail to San Lorenzo and Hayward. The trail hugs the bay shoreline for long stretches although it does veer inland briefly, at several points, to bypass nature reserves and to link up with creek bridges.

We pedaled south until we were within a few hundred yards of the San Mateo Bridge toll booth. There, we turned around and rode back to the San Leandro Marina. We were rained upon during the last few miles of our ride but that didn’t bother us. We were back at the San Leandro Marina at 10 AM.

The total bike mileage for today’s ride was 13.8 miles. Approximately 10 of those miles were on unpaved gravel trails, which makes for a slightly tougher and tiring ride than pavement. The ride was excellent, though I must say that the frequent swarms of insects along the bay shore were a bit of an annoyance.