I had no plans today and I decided to take a solo Sunday morning drive through San Mateo County to see the Pacific Ocean.

I headed east on Calfornia route 84 and drove across the Dumbarton Bridge to arrive in San Mateo County, where I drove through several towns that I’d never seen before. Despite living in the bay area for my entire life, I’d never visited Woodside, La Honda, or San Gregorio. I’d been to San Gregorio State Beach several times over the years but I’d never been to the small town of San Gregorio, located one mile east of the beach, until today.

I made a stop at San Gregorio State Beach to take a look at the Pacific Ocean. Then I drove north on California route 1 to see Half Moon Bay for the first time in 20 years. Leaving Half Moon Bay, I headed home via California route 92 and the San Mateo Bridge.

I enjoyed today’s quick trip to San Mateo County and the Pacific Ocean. I’m already thinking about where I might go on my next lazy Sunday morning drive.