This morning I drove to the San Jose Flea Market to explore and enjoy the cool crisp air. My brother Mark and his daughter Shannon came along with me. We arrived in San Jose at 8 AM just as the morning rain stopped falling. No rain fell during our 3 hour visit to the flea market, but the weather was cool and the grounds were wet from overnight rains.

The San Jose Flea Market sits on 120 acres and is the largest open air flea market in the United States, with approximately 8 miles of aisles to walk upon and over 2000 vendors selling their wares.

We spent 3 hours walking through the entire flea market. Of course, we stopped frequently to “window shop” at the vending booths stationed along each aisle.

Shannon bought a blanket and a pair of pants, while I bought some pistachios on the flea market’s Produce Row. With our early morning arrival and the wet grounds, we avoided the large crowds that appear on Sunday afternoons. At 11 AM we headed for home. We enjoyed our visit to the San Jose Flea Market and we hope to visit again soon.