San Ramon to Alamo

On many Sundays, my brother Mark and I wake before dawn to take an early morning bicycle ride. Today we waited until the afternoon to ride our bicycles. We delayed our ride because Mark wanted to watch the Oakland Raiders game at 10:00 AM, and I wanted time to prepare my new GoPro Hero 6 handlebar-mounted camera to record today’s ride.

This afternoon we rode on the Iron Horse Trail, again. As we’ve done several times in recent weeks, we began our ride where the trail intersects with Crow Canyon Road in San Ramon. We pedaled north for 8.5 miles on the Iron Horse Trail through San Ramon, Danville, and Alamo to the point where the trail enters Walnut Creek. Then we turned around and rode south on the same trail to return to our starting point in San Ramon.

I’m sharing 2 videos of our ride today, along with a map of our route. Both video clips are approximately 40 minutes in duration. The first video is the northbound ride from San Ramon to Walnut Creek. The second video is the southbound return trip on the same trail from Walnut Creek to San Ramon.

The video footage is unedited, so the low lighting or shade or direct sunlight that comes through in the video is an accurate representation of the conditions we experienced during today’s ride. In the audio, you’ll hear quite a bit of clicking. Sometimes those clicking sounds are caused by my gear shifting, but at other times it is just the vibration of my bike frame, chain, wheels, or bike cables gently thumping against my frame. When you ride a bicycle it does tend to make some noise, and I did not edit the audio in these 2 video clips. If you find the audio annoying then you can turn your volume down when watching the video.

Those 2 video clips represent my first attempts to record video during a bicycle ride on a trail. I thought the video clips came out pretty well, especially when you consider my lack of experience with the GoPro Hero 6 camera.