Amador Valley

At 9 AM on this chilly and cloudy Xmas Eve, my brother Mark and I enjoyed a 30 mile bicycle ride. We loaded our bikes on to my car’s rack and drove to San Ramon, where we parked the car and unloaded our bikes. Then we pedaled south and east for 15 miles on regional and local trails through San Ramon, Dublin, and Pleasanton to reach Livermore. In Livermore, we turned around and rode the same 15 mile path to return to my car in San Ramon.

I recorded video of this morning’s ride with my GoPro Hero6 camera mounted on my handlebar. I’m sharing that video clip, along with a route map, in this post. The video clip is 1 hour and 13 minutes long and it covers the first half of our ride, which was the 15 miles from San Ramon to Livermore. I added captions to the video to help explain where we are at certain points during the ride.

Today’s ride was excellent. The cloudy conditions kept us cool and kept the sun out of our eyes, and there was very little wind. Since today is Xmas Eve, there were very few people on the trails with us this morning.