Skating at Bernal Park

This morning I skated 4 laps on the trail loop at Bernal Community Park in Pleasanton. Each lap on the trail loop covers 1.1 miles so my trail skating distance today was 4.4 miles. I also did a bit of skating in the empty parking lots at the park, to work on some of my skills, and that brought my total skating distance for the day to 5 miles.

I captured video of this morning’s skating with a GoPro camera mounted on my skating helmet. I edited the video to remove the repetition because nobody wants to see 4 entire laps on the same trail loop, and I added a few captions. The video that I’m sharing below covers one complete lap of the trail loop and the duration is just under 9 minutes.

I’m not sure how often I’ll use the helmet mounted camera when skating, but it was interesting to discover how it works. The weight of the camera is very slight so I didn’t notice it at all while I was skating.