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Skating at Bernal Park

Today I drove to Bernal Community Park in Pleasanton, near the Alameda County Fairgrounds, to do a bit of inline roller skating on the trails there. Bernal Community Park has a network of excellent asphalt trails that are great for inline roller skating. The trails have some minor elevation changes and a few gentle curves that provide some variety, but there are plenty of straight and level stretches of trail too. The trail loop that I skated today, as shown in the map below, is 1.1 miles long.

I planned to skate at sunrise today, to avoid the heat, but life got in the way and ruined my plans. As I prepared to leave my house early this morning I noticed that the tension coil on my garage door opener had snapped in half, so I had to get a repairman out to the house this morning. By the time those repairs were finished and I was free to go skating, it was 11 AM. Unfortunately, that late start put me in 98 degree weather as I skated in Pleasanton. If I had skated at sunrise, as intended, the temperature would have been 30 degrees cooler.

I used a hand-held GoPro camera to capture video of the trails at Bernal Community Park as I skated today. The video is 6 minutes and 40 seconds long, and I’ll admit that the video is somewhat less than thrilling. It simply shows the trail’s path and scenery as I roll along on my inline skates. This was my first ever attempt at capturing video while skating, and the results are what you’d expect from a rookie.

I’m old and out of shape, so my camera’s audio captured my huffing and puffing as I skated on the uphill sections of the trail in the mid-day heat. During the last minute of the video I made 2 feeble attempts to show my skates beneath me – to show that I really was skating, and not bicycling.  In the video you’ll also notice that there are no other people on the trail with me.  The 98 degree heat kept all rational people indoors today.

I skated 2 laps on the 1.1 mile circuit and then I had to get my old bones out of the heat. It was a great workout, and it was a lot of fun, but I have to be more careful about exercising in the heat than I was in my younger days.

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