Stockton Ports

The Stockton Ports are the Oakland Athletic's affiliate that competes in the class A California League.

This morning I attended a minor league ballgame in Stockton, California with my brother Mark and his daughter Shannon. Today’s game was the 3rd and final “Education Day” game on Stockton’s 2019 schedule. On the Education Day games, the start time is 11:10 AM because many local schools bus their honor roll students to the game. The early start time allows the kids to see most of the game before they return to school before the end of the school day.

We enjoy these morning ballgames because the early start also means an early end, and that allows us to return home before the late afternoon commute traffic becomes a problem.

The Stockton Ports are the Oakland A’s affiliate in the class A California League. The Ports home field is Banner Island Ballpark. Today’s visiting opponent was the Visalia Rawhide, which is the Arizona Diamondback’s entry in the California League.

Stockton didn’t show us much today. Stockton didn’t field or pitch well, and their batters managed only 3 hits. Visalia defeated Stockton by a final score of 6-1. Box Score

We enjoyed today’s outing to Banner Island Ballpark, despite a poor showing by the home team. It was nice to enter the ballpark without walking through a metal detector, without submitting my backpack to a security search, and without having to show my camera and lenses to security officers. That would never happen at a major league ballpark these days.