Thursday Pickleball

I captured video of 4 games of pickleball today with Del, Maria, and Vickie.

Today I spent 4 hours on the pickleball courts at Southgate Park in Hayward. I arrived at 10:30 AM and played several games with a crew of players that are there every Thursday morning. At noon, just as the morning players departed and the courts emptied, my pickleball friends Del, Maria, and Vickie arrived and we played several games.

Del, Maria, Vickie, and I had the courts to ourselves for 2.5 hours. That’s a rare circumstance. The absence of other players provided a perfect opportunity to capture video of our play with my GoPro camera.

I recorded our last 4 games of the day on video. In each of those 4 games, I’m paired with Del to play against Maria and Vickie. This was a good matchup, and it was a lot of fun. Maria and Vickie won 3 of the 4 games but the total score of the 4 games was close, with Maria and Vickie outscoring Del and I by a total count of 36-32.

Each of the 4 video clips that I’m sharing below consists of 1 game. I edited the video to cut out most of the downtime between the rallies, and I added text captions that display the scores. The first 3 video clips are each approximately 5 to 6 minutes long while the final video clip lasts 9 minutes.

The first 2 games were recorded with the camera mounted high on a fence, about 8 or 9 feet above the court. The last 2 games were recorded with the camera mounted on a lower fence, only 3 or 4 feet above the court. With the lower camera mount, it is a bit more difficult to see the players on the far end of the court. However, the sound is better with the lower mount because the camera and its microphone are closer to the players.

You can view the video clips on any device, but you’ll get a better view of the action if you watch them on a large screen. Here are the video clips…

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4