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Time Lapse Video

This morning my brother Mark and I enjoyed a bicycle ride from San Ramon to Pleasanton, and back, in cold and foggy conditions. The total riding distance was 16.2 miles.

I captured video from this route during previous bicycle rides, so today I tried something different with my GoPro camera. I shot my first time lapse video.

The foggy conditions ruined the video of the first half of the ride in which we pedaled south from San Ramon to Pleasanton. Conditions were a little clearer and warmer during the second half of today’s ride, which was the return trip from Pleasanton to San Ramon, and the video of that portion of the ride came out alright on the video.

The time lapse video has no sound. The time lapse footage of the 8.1 mile ride from Pleasanton to San Ramon takes only 4 minutes and 46 seconds to watch. In real time, that portion of the ride lasted about 40 minutes.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had the camera lens pointed down slightly too much. That brought my handlebar bag into view at the bottom left corner of the screen. I’ll know better next time.

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