Val Vista Park

This morning I drove to Val Vista Park in Pleasanton to get a workout on my inline skates. I arrived at the park shortly before sunrise and I had the entire park to myself.

I warmed up and rolled through a few skating drills on the park’s outdoor roller hockey rink, and then I took to the streets for the rest of the day’s skating.

I can get bored pretty quickly on a rink, but I’ll admit that a rink is handy for doing drills and trying new maneuvers. Of course, in bad weather an indoor rink might be your only skating option. Rinks do have their uses, but in good weather I prefer skating on trails and quiet streets to avoid the repetitive tedium and confinement of a rink.

I’ve been on my skates for 22 of the last 28 days, and for 9 of the last 10 days. That time and experience on the skates is helping me to improve quickly as a skater, but it also leaves an old man like me tired and a little sore.

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