Val Vista Park

I started the day with a 2.5 mile hike at Lake Chabot Regional Park and then I visited my father at his assisted living residence. Then I drove to Val Vista Park in Pleasanton where I strapped on my inline skates and worked on some skating drills.

Val Vista Park features an outdoor roller hockey rink. On the weekends a lot of roller hockey is played there but on weekday mornings the rink is empty, and that’s when I use it.

I’m sharing a 3 minute video that shows some of the skating drills that I worked on today. It is not a thrilling video, but it does show some of the things that I have to work on as a beginner at inline roller skating.

I prefer to skate on trails, instead of using a rink, for daily exercise. Skating in the same confined space over and over again on a rink can get dull in a hurry. However, the rink is a safe place to work on specific skating techniques. I use the trails when I simply want a workout, and I use the rink to do my drills and try to improve as a skater.

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