Val Vista Park

This morning, for the second consecutive morning, I enjoyed skating at sunrise at the outdoor roller hockey rink at Val Vista Park in Pleasanton. The surface of the rink is smooth concrete and it is excellent for inline roller skating. There is a separate skateboarding park here too, complete with the usual ramps and pits that teenagers and extreme skaters enjoy, but for inline fitness skating the flat hockey rink is a much better option.

The outdoor hockey rink is open to the public, although it can be reserved for specific times by roller hockey teams and by anybody else that’s willing to pay the reservation fee. When the rink is reserved you must keep out, otherwise all skaters are welcome during daylight hours. Of course, nobody reserves the rink at sunrise when I like to skate.

I clamped my GoPro camera to the cyclone fence that surrounds the rink and captured a bit of video as I skated. I skated for 90 minutes this morning, but the brief video clip that I’m sharing below shows a portion of a single lap on the rink.

I’ll be back at the Val Vista Park hockey rink again tomorrow, at sunrise, for another workout on my inline skates.