We arrived in Paris at noon, which was too early to check in at our hotel. It would be several hours before our rooms were ready to be occupied. So we asked the hotel to store our bags, which they did, and then we left to spend the afternoon visiting King Louis XIV’s famous chateau at Versailles.

The trip from Paris to Versailles via regional train service lasted about 45 minutes. We spent several hours exploring the Chateau de Versailles. Versailles is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When we were finished with our visit at the Chateau de Versailles, we rode the regional train again to return to our hotel in Paris.

This was a very long day. We started the day in Bayeux. Before sunrise, we drove to Caen where we boarded a train to Paris. Then we rode the Paris metro across the city to our hotel. Next, we rode a regional train to Versailles, where we walked around for several hours. Then we made the return trip to Paris a the regional train. When we finally returned to our hotel at approximately 6:00 PM, we checked in quickly and went to sleep early.