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West Virginia Power

On this morning we checked out of our motel in Hickory, North Carolina and made the 4 hour drive to Charleston, West Virginia. Our drive included 3 states (North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia) and crossed over the Appalachian Mountains.

We had to make an early start because we had tickets for an 11 AM ballgame in Charleston, West Virginia. We had a 4 hour drive to make to get to the ballpark, so we got rolling before 6 AM.

We arrived in Charleston about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. We checked in quickly at the Best Western in downtown Charleston and then walked 2 blocks to the ballpark to see a class A South Atlantic League game at Charleston, West Virginia. The Lexington Legends were in town to play the West Virginia Power.

The game time was 11 AM because some local schools brought their students to the game as a field trip. The early game time allows the kids to see most of the game and return to school before the school day ends.

We arrived at the ballpark about 20 minutes before the first pitch. As usual, we went to team store after entering the ballpark and we bought hats. Then we carefully dodged the endless waves of school kids that were roaming around the ballpark with little or no adult supervision, and found a place to sit that wasn’t reserved for student groups.

The visiting Lexington Legends defeated the home team West Virginia Power by a final score of 5-4. Box Score

Our afternoon at Appalachian Power Park was enjoyable despite the heat, the swarms of virtually unsupervised and unruly school kids, and the home team’s defeat. The ballpark is clean and well-situated in an easily accessible section of Charleston. However, there are several negative aspects of the ballpark that should be addressed:

  1. The lack of signage was annoying. Where is the will call booth? Why did we have to walk halfway around the park to find it? I suggest posting several more informative signs that will make things easier for your infrequent customers.
  2. The only scoreboard is the large one in center field. That’s a pain in the butt if you are sitting in the center field seats. They should install a small auxiliary scoreboard along one of the baselines, so it can be seen by fans in the outfield seats.
  3. When you make seats available in the outfield, you should provide concession stands or vendors in the outfield. Fans seated in the outfield should not have to walk halfway around the ballpark to buy food and drink.
  4. There are no overhead coverings above the seats or the concourse. If you don’t have access to one of the luxury boxes then you are at the mercy of the elements. If it starts to rain, you will get wet. If the sunshine is bright and hot, you will sizzle in the heat. A cover above the concourse would allow fans to leave their seats, without leaving the ballpark, to get protection from the elements on the concourse when the weather becomes too hot or too wet.

It is a fine ballpark. I’m merely offering a few suggestions to improve it.