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Wilmington Blue Rocks

On this evening we attended a minor league ballgame in Wilmington, Delaware. The Wilmington Blue Rocks hosted the Myrtle Beach Pelicans in a Carolina League game.

The weather was warm, windy, and comfortable. We were pleased to discover that hot dogs cost a dollar each at the ballpark on this evening.

We expected a slug fest because a strong wind blew out to left center field as we settled into our seats. We were wrong about that. The wind did not play a big factor in the ballgame.

During the first half of the game, neither team took advantage of those winds and most outs were ground balls. Late in the game, Wilmington bashed a couple of homers to take an insurmountable lead. Wilmington defeated Myrtle Beach, 6-2. Box Score

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After the game, we made another trip over the Delaware Memorial Bridge to our motel in Pennsville, New Jersey and called it a night. We were pretty tired. We started the day in Washington D.C. and we visited state capitols in two states (Maryland and Delaware) and we made into New Jersey, too.