Yin Dee Thai Massage

I’m well into my fifties and I’m inline roller skating five times per week. This old body of mine doesn’t recover from the stress of exercise as well as it did decades ago. I’m battling some overall soreness and inflexibility, along with poor posture and a chronically stiff neck. In my younger days I would have ignored those symptoms and carried on. Now, in the days of my senior citizenship, I’ve decided to get some help from a massage therapist.

I’d never been to a massage therapist before, so I had some research to do in order to find the right therapist for me. I had several things in mind.

I was looking for a professional that would do some real work on me. I wasn’t interested in the kind of light fluffy feel good massage that you’d typically get at a vacation resort spa.

At my age, I’m not interested in getting a massage from college age girl because it is too damn creepy. I was looking for a mature non-creepy experience.

I wanted to avoid a bargain rubdown at a cheap and seedy place that offers extra illicit ‘happy ending’ services. I didn’t want to be stuck having an unwanted negotiation with a massage therapist about the availability and prices of unwanted illicit services.

I wanted a licensed professional and mature massage therapist that runs her own shop as a solo therapist, so that when I return for future sessions I’ll always know that the same therapist will be working on me. I didn’t want to go to a shop that employs several massage therapists where I’d likely have a different person working on me each time that I show up.

Another thing that I wanted to avoid was the chore of selecting a specific type of massage therapy such as Swedish, Thai, etc. I wouldn’t know one form of massage from another, and I really don’t want to know. I wanted a massage therapist with the knowledge and experience to apply any and all of the various types of massage therapy that are commonly available, and then I’d let the therapist determine which methods would work best for me.

I wasn’t concerned much about the price. Like most people, I don’t like to spend money excessively – but I’m equally weary of bargain rates because they often produce unsatisfactory results. I wouldn’t want to waste $100 on a hamburger, but I probably wouldn’t be happy with a $1 hamburger either. With massage therapy, I tried to avoid the cheapest rates and avoid the most expensive rates as I looked for some reasonable middle ground.

With some help from Google, I found exactly what I was looking for.

Yesterday I visited Yin Dee Thai Massage in San Ramon for 3 hours of treatment and therapy. Kusuma, the owner and sole massage therapist, was terrific. She is friendly, knowledgeable, energetic, thorough, dedicated, and pays great attention to detail.

Some of yesterday’s treatment involved heavy pressure so I was a little sore this morning, but Kusuma warned me about that possibility so I was prepared for it. I did manage to skate for 6.7 miles on a trail in Pleasanton this morning, so the soreness from the heavy pressure massage therapy must have been pretty trivial.

I definitely felt more flexibility and less stiffness in my neck and back during this morning’s skating session than during my other recent skating sessions, so I’m already experiencing the benefits of Kusuma’s work. I’ll return for another session with Kusuma next month.

If you’re looking for a friendly, professional, mature, and thorough healing massage therapy experience in the East Bay then I encourage you to check out Yin Dee Thai Massage with Kusuma in San Ramon. You can book an appointment online.